Kasanka National Park, Zambia

The Kasanka National Park is one of Zamiba's smallest national parks with roughly 390km2, located in the Serenje District.


and Lodge

Airstrip Mulembo

Air traffic controller

Wasa Lake


Happy to be here

View from the lodge

Evening light

View over Wasa Lake

The shadows become longer...

Bush loo with 360 degree view

Tallest tree - The guide underestimated the power of a 16mm focal length

It really is tall

... very tall.

Wasa Lake after sunset

Spear grass!! You'll find those nasty sticks even years later in your clothes!

Green leaves, even during dry season

A place to be

Canoe trip

Water lily


Schalow's Turaco

African Fish Eagle - a lifelong couple

African Fish Eagle

Böhm's Bee-eater

Spur-winged Goose


Elephant herd

Bastiaan still without Tattoos :-)


Red Lechwe herd

Red Lechwe with hair decoration; foreground: African Wattled Lapwing

Red Lechwe laughing at the others hair decoration

Red Lechwe grazing

Red Lechwe bull


Sitatunga jumping around

Sitatungs laughing at us

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