Sunday Pan, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana

The Sunday Pan is accessible from the Matswere Gate and is located in approx. 58km distance from there. It offers three campsites and a breathtaking view into the open plains of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Due to its remoteness, it is certainly not a good place to get stuck there with the car.

Breakdown in the Kalahari

Get the breakdown fixed in 10 steps

Breakdown - What to do in the middle of the Kalahari?

Step 1: Open the hood

Step 2: Get the tools ready

Step 3: At least, get your car towed into the shade (Thanks again Michael+Ute!!)

Step 4: Insert the spare battery just to find out it is also flat!

Step 5: Light a fire

Step 6: Have a nice barbeque (could be the last one)

Step 7: Ask Fred the mongoose for adivce

Step 8: Locate a new battery with Fred's help

Step 9: Mount the new battery!

Step 10: Drive on!

Landscape & Wildlife

Us and nature

Just beautiful

Black-backed jackal


Hi there...

... can I get breakfast?

ok, I will look for it myself

Impressions of a previous trip


African Hoopoe


Guess what

Smiling Giraffe

Open plains


Beautiful evening light

That's why we love the Kalahari

Simply gorgeous

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