Passarge Valley, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana

There are three campsites in Passarge Valley which can be accessed by an approx. 60km drive from Deception Valley. Driving during the rainy season can be challenging sometimes but the effort is paid off by its remoteness and exiting wildlife sightings. Visiting this part of the Central Kalahari is an absolute "must do" for the ambitous traveller.


No lion to be seen

Valley in the evening light

Stormy atmosphere

Looking for Fred, the mongoose

Shelter - Mongoose appear not to like rain

Kalahari Cake

How to bake the best bush cake

Camping in the middle of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve does not mean you have to surrender fresh cake. Since the next bakery is approx. 200km away, we decided to bake a fresh cake, of course without a recipe. Improvise is the magic word here and believe it or not: The cake's taste was simply excellent! It was coincidence, we met in Passarge Valley again the very nice and helpful couple (Super-)Michael and Ute from Germany and they got very jealous seeing us with Coffee&Cake. Of course, we offered a piece - that's a matter of honor!


Remaining butter which was not stolen by the nasty Spurfowls


Another egg...

Add some lemon and stirring, stirring...

Baking with the frying pan

Check for the right temperature

Cover the slurry

Timing is important

Add some coal to get top heat if necessary

Enjoy with coffee

Any questions though?


Gabar Goshawk

White-browed Sparrow-Weaver

That is where our White Stork goes in the cold Swiss winter

Red-billed Quelea drinking

Red-billed Quelea - never alone

and some more Red-billed Quelea

Kori Bustard - heaviest flying bird


Ground squirrel found breakfast

What's there?

Entrance to the Ground squirrel home

Am I not cute?

Black-backed jackal having a snack

better bring it somewhere else

Mum Black-backed jackal watching her kids

Playing young Black-backed jackals

Desert antelopes - Oryx and Springboks


Grazing Springboks


After a fight with another Oryx

Obviously in the southern Summer

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